new to this & have a few questions!

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new to this & have a few questions!

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Hello everyone!

I just received my course materials the other day and have completed the first few assignments no problem. I was reading ahead to assignments in other modules though and I just have a couple questions that hopefully someone can answer for me!

When it comes to needing a model... do I have to use a different person for every single assignment or can I use the same person more than once? My other question is are we required to use only professional/high quality makeup products? For the most part my makeup collection is pretty good quality stuff from MAC, Sephora, etc. but some stuff I have is just drug store makeup.. is it acceptable to use that too??

Thanks in advance for any help! :D
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Re: new to this & have a few questions!

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There is a blog post that giveshe tips to building your kit. You don't need top of the line. You can use what you like.
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Re: new to this & have a few questions!

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You can use the same model or models on however many assignments you want, they just suggest using different models to give you experience with different skin tones, face shapes, skin types, etc. You can even use yourself on assignments if you don't have a model available. For makeup it doesn't matter what brand its from. They don't care about the brand, just that the application looks good! :)
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