Question about A4, Makeup Chart.

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Question about A4, Makeup Chart.

Unread post by veronica.c »

Hello! Before I ask student support, I thought I would drop my questions in here! I am in the middle of Assignment A4 "Makeup Chart", and I just have a few questions before I submit it. I was looking on the student forum earlier to see if my questions could be answered, but I still feel a little bit confused!

Question 1: Does this chart have to be filled out with things we would eventually like in our makeup kit? And how detailed does it really have to be? Should it be with products I really would like to have when I first start my Makeup Kit?
Question 2: When it says "Include Product Code", what does that mean exactly? What I am thinking, and I am hoping I am right, I put down [110 Ivory, 150 Buff, etc, etc..]
Lastly: Do we really need to add an address to where we will find our Product? Or can I be vague and say "Walmart, from Excelsior Springs MO"?

Thank you for your patience, and for answering this thread :-)
Veronica :ugeek:
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Re: Question about A4, Makeup Chart.

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hi veronica i already did this chart. and i put the makeup i would like to have in my make up kit.

question #1. you dont necessary have to buy what you choose. you have to put the product you need to do a makeup. you can add columns if you need more.

question #2. you're right you have to write the code of the product. and you can say where you can find the product . you dont necessary need an address. i hope i help answering your questions. :)
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