Letter to my personal tutor

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Letter to my personal tutor

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Hi Everyone,
I am a new student (wahoo) and have not received my kit yet. I just wanted to find out if it was ok to go ahead and begin the assignments that I can do before receiving my information in the mail? The first one is the "Letter to My Personal Tutor." Do I need to do the assignment as per the template or do they want this in actual letter form? I would appreciate any help that you may be able to provide. Thank so much.

-Crystal Sisson
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Re: Letter to my personal tutor

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For that first assignment, writing a letter to your tutor, I believe that one you can go ahead and start before you receive your supplies in the mail (sorry, having a hard time remembering.. it's been awhile since I did that assignment lol). But yes, you just fill out the questions that are provided in the template... you just type them out in microsoft word.. and that will be what you upload to submit. :D
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