Assignment B4: Blending Practise

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Assignment B4: Blending Practise

Unread post by CherylVossNz »

I am finally back to studying as I bought a new computer. I had to stop for a while as my son broke my last lol :lol:
Anyway, I am on Assignment B4: Blending Practice and its says that if I want to see examples I can look in the online student centre under "Assignment photos for unit B" for the examples of blending they are looking for but for some reason I cant find the online student centre.. Maybe im not looking properly lol.. Help? :shock:
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Re: Assignment B4: Blending Practise

Unread post by Daniellemoore28 »

Hi I'm new to all this and have a question if anyone could answer
Our all the assignments thery based or is there pratical work u have to submit too thanks in advance can't wait to get started
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Re: Assignment B4: Blending Practise

Unread post by NikkiS »

Hi CherylVossNZ,

Here's how to access what you are looking for :).

Go to the tabs up the top of your Student Centre webpage and click on the following -->

Course Resources --> Course Materials and Updates --> once you are there, scroll down to Master Makeup Artistry --> Business Templates and Assignment Resources. Download that zip file and in there you will find a folder called Assignment Photos, there you will find what you are looking for :). I hope that helps!

Hi Daniellemoore28,

No, not all assignments are theory based, only Unit A is totally theory based. From Unit B onwards, there is practical assigments galore :).
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