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makeup kit

Unread postby Kaylah10 » July 11th, 2017, 4:45 am

I've recently started this course and I'm on assignment B. with the makeup kit we got given is that what we are suppose to use on the client? as it says to use foundation but I hadn't got any from the kit? and some of the kit isn't that great to use. how does the kit work, like do I have to go buy stuff for it that we need? and is it real expenisve to buy as we need different colours for different skin types? just curious on how this all works :D

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Re: makeup kit

Unread postby Dylanmontana » July 29th, 2017, 6:53 pm

well, as a MUA you need to start building a kit, the school sends you the basics. From there you will need to purchase more makeup based on your needs and your clients. For me I started will Skincare, so i purchased Loreal Hydra Boost Moisturizers for oily and dry skins, then i bought my foundations, i started with some cheap but really really good ones from Jordana, Its the Jordanan 2 in 1 foundation, i purchased all 12 shades and spent less than $50. From there i bought concealers which was the maybelline fitme. then face powders and eyeshadows, then bronzers, blushes, contours, and highlighters. I did have somethings from where i had started experimenting before i enrolled.

i now have a few MAC products, Some Urban Decay, an Anastasia. Just start with the bare minium and work your way up.

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