Assignment D6

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Assignment D6

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I'm stuck on this time period quiz! I've read the course book about 5 times and I still can't seem to find the correct answers. Has anyone been able to figure this one out? HELP!
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Re: Assignment D6

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Yes I have done this and I am on this unit now. Let me see my time period information right quick. Basically what they want is the era that the look was created in ( like years ). So let take an example say 1980's, what kind of make-up looks were of the 80's? If you have to reread it a few times to be positive of your answer go ahead. They also give multiply choice on answers you have to go by from what you learned the looks that shaped that era. So say you have to work on a set of a television that requires a look from 1920's how would the makeup look from what you have studied. Hope this helps!
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