Using Yourself as a Model?

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Using Yourself as a Model?

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I am currently wrapping up Unit B and am on the corrective makeup assignment. I have a lot of redness and dark circles so I was hoping to use myself as the model. Is that allowed? Or will we get docked points for not finding a different model to use?
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Re: Using Yourself as a Model?

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I heard Nathan say that if you are unable to find a model or want to use yourself you can and you won't lose marks, they would just prefer that you use a model :)
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Re: Using Yourself as a Model?

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Hi there lovelies,

Not sure if you still need this but using yourself as a model is completely okay, we can't always have a model to hand.

Of course it's always best to complete the coursework with a model, because experience is everything in the makeup world and the more you practise the better your skills.

I passed most of my units using myself as a model at least once!

Good luck with the remainder of your course!
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