Products in Instruction Videos?

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Products in Instruction Videos?

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Is there a way to find out what products the Instructor is using in the videos? Specifically, I'm interested in what 1) highlighter he used In Unit C in MMA (Day Time to Night Time - Black model on her eyelids) 2) What eye primer he uses (I like the concealer like tint color). 3) What is his taupe who he will "walk down the aisle" with? BB? Shade? 4) His hand sanitizer - I like the form factor and bet it smells nice from some of his comments! Anyone know, or know how to find out?

I wish he told us the products and colors he was using as he went along, but sure there are multiple reasons why he doesn't.

Also, I wish there was a foundation mixing video. I can't even find my own shade to mix correctly yet :)

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