I'm Stumped on A4..help!

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I'm Stumped on A4..help!

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Not sure how to fill out the chart I think I must have missed reading something is this in one of the course books?
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Re: I'm Stumped on A4..help!

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I am also having trouble with this one. I can't decide just how detailed it needs to be or if I should be listing more than the 10 items it gives space for. I didn't see any examples listed in the book for how to fill it out, just the very beginning of the chart itself.
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Re: I'm Stumped on A4..help!

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I just completed Unit A. For the A4 makeup chart assignment I recommend filling out the whole chart and adding more columns if you need more space, I definitely did! It helped me to visualize a makeup application from beginning to end, filling out the makeup products in order of how I would use them. Try to research products that you will be able to afford at the beginning of your career and include more expensive items as needed! This assignment is really just to get us thinking about what we want to realistically have in our first kit.

I hope this helps!

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