Undertones and vein colours

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Undertones and vein colours

Unread post by Gracie168 »

So I'm having a lot of trouble with undertones, I can't seem to distinguish wether peoples veins are blue green or purple!
Mine are like all three so I think I'm neutral, but all my families veins looks the same.....maybe we're all neutral cause we're half Italian :lol:
Anyone else struggling with this and has some tips ?
Thanks !
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Re: Undertones and vein colours

Unread post by StarrHope »

Sounds to me like you all may be neutral. Sometimes I think Im having issues with my eyes as well, but then I look at other people that arent related to me or are a different race, and realize its just because most of my family has the same heritage background as me. lol. Try looking at coworkers and stuff.
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