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RE: Sanitization

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Hello there everyone!
My name is Autumn and I am a new student here at QC! :D (Loving it so much!)

I have a very important question regarding sanitization and Unit A's chapter of skin conditions, more in particular the Herpes Simplex Virus.
So, I am curious as to how makeup artists go about applying makeup on someone who has a history of cold sores, (visible or not)?
Do you use disposable lip applicators or do you use the lip brush (when its not visible)?
How about using lip pencils when there are no symptoms present?

I do have a potential client who has a history of cold sores that would like me to do her makeup, she does not have any cold sores presently but just to be safe and to avoid risking infection by all means, I am going to be using disposable lip applicators.

Thank you all in advance, I just wanted more clarity to make sure my future clients are safe !

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