Unit A Brush quiz

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Unit A Brush quiz

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On Unit A, maybe i'm not reading something correctly, but is that a matching quiz about brushes? Is there any reading material that lists this before taking the quiz? What if I don't pass it? Some brushes resemble each other in the description.
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Re: Unit A Brush quiz

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Well at the end of the 2nd book there is a glossary about what brush is what. Some off the desc. Are confusing just pay attencion some off the little detail that each of them have. I hope this will help you.. ;)
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Re: Unit A Brush quiz

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Hey Rhonlynn,

did you figure out the brush quiz? I am stock with that quiz please help me if you did you assignment.
Like you i read full brush section but still dont understand how to come up with a word.
please help me.

Thank you,

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