Needing Help Uploading Assignments!!!

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Needing Help Uploading Assignments!!!

Unread post by misspriss »

Hey everyone!

I'm new to all of this. A fresh 2 weeks in QC today! Lol this might be a ridiculous question because I feel like I read about this SOMEWHERE! I just can't figure out where exactly. So I have been using my tablet for my school assignments so far. I downloaded Adobe Acrobat & I have filled out 3 writing assignments through that app. I have yet to upload my assignments though. I just cannot figure out how to save all my progress into a file for it to be upload under the assignments page.

So is my issue here because I'm attempting to do my assignments from my tablet?!? Should I only upload my assignments on a desktop computer or laptop?

Also, was it easier to for y'all to do your assignments one by one then submitting the whole Unit? Or would y'all rather upload all of your assignments at once or around the same time & then submit the whole unit?

Whatever info y'all could give me would be awesome!
Thank you!

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Re: Needing Help Uploading Assignments!!!

Unread post by cnazario »

I just submitted today all my assignments for UNIT A. I am not a tech savvy person so I can't really say if doing it from a tablet is the problem, but I am doing everything from a laptop and haven't had problems.
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Re: Needing Help Uploading Assignments!!!

Unread post by Kerryg »

Do you no where to submit assignments yet as i cant seem to find where to upload them to either :lol:
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Re: Needing Help Uploading Assignments!!!

Unread post by SonamRizwan »

Hi, I also newly enrolled in Master Makeup Artistry course, would like to get help for Assignment submission.
it says upload he assignment to the online student center.
Want to know how and where to do this ?
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Re: Needing Help Uploading Assignments!!!

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In order to save and upload the assignments it works great on the desktop and laptop. When you open the course window on laptop on the right side it says start your unit. When you start that you will see the page where you can upload the assignments. Hope this will help.

Anisha :)
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