concealer palette

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concealer palette

Unread post by meagan »

does any one know if the palette we got with the course is all concealers or are just the little ones and the larger ones are a foundation. cant find a local wholesaler so trying to save money where i can with palettes and product i already have. :?:
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Re: concealer palette

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I haven't tried using the palette for foundation but I think it might work depending on the skin type that you are working on. Since it is cream, then I don't think it would work well with oily skin. What I did to save money on foundation is to get the darkest and lightest shade for each tone then mix these foundations to match the actual shade that you need to work on (I sometimes get mid shade too for easier mixing). It may be a little time consuming to mix but saves you money since you only need few shades to stock your kit with.
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Re: concealer palette

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Hi meagan,

The palette you received is a set of concealers. The smaller ones are colored concealer, and the larger ones are neutral concealers.

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