Lazy or busy???

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Lazy or busy???

Unread post by MSbyFrankie »

Has anybody else only submitted like 2 sections even though they have been done fully paying for the course? lololol
I feel so bad.. Im just turning in Lesson B and I started almost 2 years ago!!! My reason/excuse is Im busy! I work during the week and on the weekend I have a ton of clients. So when it comes down to do these assignments Im like "eh... Ill do it later"... and now Ive finished my entire payment plan and dont have a certificate because I havent turned in anything!! lolol... thats terrible!!!
I need to maybe dedicated some time every week to do at least one section until theyre all done (clearly easier said than done).... anybody else like this? Or is this just me?
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Re: Lazy or busy???

Unread post by NicholeDominguez »

I can see how that happens! I would suggest committing to doing 30 minutes each evening til finished, or one assignment per week! How are you coming along now?
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Re: Lazy or busy???

Unread post by Criss »


I'm new to QC and my course materials arrived today 1/16/2014--after reading your post, I'm curious as to how you are making out or if you have graduated. In adding my two cents, my schedule is very flexible and lax at this time so I'm taking advantage of this opportunity to commit to 3 hours daily as a start (1.5 day/1.5 evening) to studying and added this schedule to my date book. My goal for completion is March 31st 2014--no later than June 30th 2014.

Suggestion: Setting a target date for completion might be helpful.

Much success to you!

Peace :)
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Re: Lazy or busy???

Unread post by Kirsten »

I'm in the same boat. I'm just about ready to turn in Unit B and started late February of 2013. My reason is laziness mixed with fear... before the recent update in November you had to make your profile public as part of Unit B and I just am not ready for that. Even though I started this unit before the update and should still be following the old course outline, I am opting out of that section. I am no where near ready to make anything public and don't feel that we should have to. I am glad they have changed that section to optional for future students.
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