Powder Foundation or Liquid

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Powder Foundation or Liquid

Unread post by Nerissa »

Hey guys, since the cold weather is slowly but surely making its way to where I live, INDIANA:), I got this liquid foundation from Shiseido, it's great because it's hydrating and feels like I'm putting on skincare rather than make up, but recently saw a make up from QVC:)a powder foundation that has a lot of anti aging and skin benefits, so now, I'm torn, which is better, this liquid foundation or the powder one? Thanks for helping guys:)Have a beautiful day..
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Re: Powder Foundation or Liquid

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If your skin tends to dry out in the colder weather, I would go with a more hydrating formula personally. Really though, it will end up depending on your skin type and how it reacts to the weather. Some powders work great for lighter coverage and in more humid climates. For example, I just moved from southwestern Oklahoma to Northern Colorado...there I got by with a mineral powder foundation, but here I need a lot more moisture!
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