New student, California :)

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New student, California :)

Unread post by StephanieMillward »

Hello, I'm Stephanie! I just signed up for the Master Makeup Artistry course and I am extremely excited to get started. Anyone else from California? Specifically the Sacramento area? I'd love to meet or talk with other students, I'm friendly I promise!
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Re: New student, California :)

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Hi! I'm originally from CA, southern OC. We now live in Colorado though! I'm also in the Master course! Have you received your first package yet? I was SOOOO excited when mine arrived!! :mrgreen: I was in awe for about a week and couldn't bring myself to even use the makeup or brushes at first! LOL My daughters (5yrs and 3yrs) love letting me practice on them though! Don't forget to pick up some brush cleaner if you haven't yet! I bought the Daily and once a week cleansers from Sephora and they work great!
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