New Student Questions

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New Student Questions

Unread post by Anita.Siri »

Hey you all!

I'm Anita from San Diego!!

Just joined QC and I'm super excited to learn!

Sorry but this might be a dumb question but...

Do we go ahead and start the assignments? Or am I suppose to wait until I get the course materials?

Is there a deadline for the assignments, such as assignment 1: Letter to my personal tutor?
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Re: New Student Questions

Unread post by GlamGypsy »

I'm wondering the same thing. Just enrolled yesterday. Congrats on joining the program and good luck!
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Re: New Student Questions

Unread post by nataliereneecole »

I was thinking the same thing, but i think the course or design around you so you start when your ready.
Have Fun Learning... I know I will.
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Re: New Student Questions

Unread post by ana.p »

You probably figured it out by now, but you can start the first section right away as you're not touching makeup yet and everything is online. I'm on Section B and I'm loving it. ALL I want to do is school work! :)
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Re: New Student Questions

Unread post by omgitshollyizlle »

Hi I just enrolled as well and am SUPER excited.

the names holly :D

was just wondering if anyone knows if we're supposed to just write under the questions in the unit or start a whole new blank page...a little confused :oops:
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