Master Makeup Kit re Assignments...

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Master Makeup Kit re Assignments...

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Hi all :)

So i've just started Unit B. And when in regards to using a model and makeup application/removal, it all talks about foundations, cleansers, moisturisers, toners etc.

My question is, has anyone gone and bought a bunch of cosmetics for these situations/ for when they do professional makeup on others? If so, did you buy general moisturisers, toners etc? Or have specific products for all skin types??

Tad confused :)

Thanks guys

Tara xx
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Re: Master Makeup Kit re Assignments...

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I see that this was posted a while ago, but thought I'd try to answer in case someone else had the same question. I did go buy a ton of products. This was not only because of the assignments, but I was working as a freelance artist while completing the course units. And I would just buy a good selection of products. For ex. moisturizers...I bought one for oily skin and one for dry. Then if someone need something in between for combo skin, I would use both of them in different areas of the face. In reguards to foundations, powders, concealers and anything else skin-toned, I would buy a light, a medium and a dark. Then when someone needed something in between, I became really efficient in mixing tones. For eye shadows, I bought a large pallet with a wide range of colors. Just make sure that whatever pallet you choose also has a variety of matte and shimmer shades. If it's not practical to buy a larger pallet, I would choose several small ones with the basic colors IE..browns and golds, blacks and grays, then maybe a few with some color, maybe purples or something like that. In short, I would buy the bare minimum but make sure that the shades you choose are a good variety. One really good cost effective thing I have found is to invest in a set of pigments with a wide range of shades. Pigments can be used for eye shadows, blush, bronzer, lip gloss (when mixed with clear gloss), eye liner..just about everything. So, you have a wide range of shades in just about every product. Keep in mind which products you can mix to create the "perfect" shade. This will save you some. One more thing you might want to check into is certain companies have makeup artist "kits" available. These provide a large range of products, and the tools you would need as a makeup artist. Anyway, just some suggestions. Hope that you find these useful!
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