application for african american skin..olive tones/ darker

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application for african american skin..olive tones/ darker

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hi im new to here and i just finished watching my unit B course in master makeup question is how do u apply the greens and blues to darker skin if my client or myself have reddish imperfections and what not...wouldnt it show or look funny even after the foundation was applied, or would it not really matter :?: the instructor did a great job of showing me but she only worked on ivory/ paler skin tones... any answers wld help me...but so far im loving this makeup course!!!!! :mrgreen:
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Re: application for african american skin..olive tones/ dark

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Yellow toned concealer/corrector is best for covering up (blue) undereye circles, which usualy happens on lighter skin tones. Orange based tones blend best into darker skin. That's why when using concealers for undereye circles on (ex olive or asian skin tone) it is best to use a peachy(at times pink or pink over peach for more coverage) corrector. You want to use a shade or two lighter than the foundation concealer to conceal the blemishes. I doubt you can actually use the green corrector on darker skin because their blemishes tend to be darker brown and not so much red. After the concealer apply the foundation. Hope this helped
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