Different opportunities

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Different opportunities

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I just signed up to be an Arbonne consultant because I really loved their products and buying them at a discounted price makes them much more affordable as well as making a commission from products that future clients may purchase is a wonderful business opportunity!!

Has anyone else done something like this or interested in more information about it?
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Re: Different opportunities

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Hiya, I have been an Artistry Consultant for over 6 years now for the same reason. I am a huge fan of network marketing and love the ability to be my own boss and set my schedule. Plus the quality of the products is superb!
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Re: Different opportunities

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I have actually just done the same thing. I signed up to be an Arbonne consultant about a week ago. I love the products and want to use them in my kit, so figured by becoming a consultant that way I can buy the products at a more affordable price but if I recommend the products I can make some commission if my clients choose to purchase them.

How have you found it when talking about the products to the clients? I am worried that it will come across like I am trying to hard sell them.

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