Younique Makeup

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Younique Makeup

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Hi All,

I've recently become a Younique Presenter and I've been enjoying the products. I was wondering if any of you have joined and if you have to do you want to chat about tips for recruiting and sales? I also would like to know what you like about the products. I love to get the opinions of makeup professionals!


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Re: Younique Makeup

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Hi my name is sharron, I am a Younique presenter and just qc makeup academy.
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Re: Younique Makeup

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I am also a Younique Presenter as well as a QC student :D
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Re: Younique Makeup

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I recently have been thinking about joining YOUNIQUE. How does that company work? For the personal website is there a monthly fee or is it free? I know some independent consultant sign up companies that have a monthly fee and others that are free.
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Re: Younique Makeup

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Im a Younique presenter. Once you join and pay for the kit $129 in australia $99 in the US I think. there are no ongoing fees. The only thing you have to do to stay an active presenter is sell $125 US every 3 months. Its an awesome company and the products a really nice to use.
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Re: Younique Makeup

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Hi, I was a younique re presenter but my account got suspended because I wasn't making any sales because the area I lived in wasn't interested in buying it. It is some good makeup products I love their lip gloss and they eye liners works amazing. The prices are a bit pricey but they are worth the money.
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Re: Younique Makeup

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I am a Younique Presenter as well.
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