Freelance work/careers OTHER than weddings!?

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Freelance work/careers OTHER than weddings!?

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Hey QC students and graduates!

I have been graduated from QC for quite some time now, and I had previously been doing freelance work as a makeup artist, focusing on bridal and wedding makeup. However, I decided to take a break for a while after my husband and I lost our baby at 19 weeks, to focus on my family. I'm now pregnant again at 12 weeks along and I've been considering starting back up again, however, I do NOT want to do weddings again! I just found that the attitude you get from the majority of brides, bridesmaids, and mothers was so stressful that it completely took away the love I had for makeup artistry to begin with.
Does anyone here have any other suggestions for doing freelance, PAID work? I live in St. Albert Alberta, and a lot of the work with models and photographers is free work to build a portfolio, which I am not interested in doing.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!!

If you want to see what kind of work I've been doing so far, look me up on Facebook. My page is SJS Makeup Design.

Lots of love,
Samantha Stiksma
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Re: Freelance work/careers OTHER than weddings!?

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What about formal makeup???
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