New to professional world of makeup but not makeup itself

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New to professional world of makeup but not makeup itself

Unread postby ElliDeFatima » August 27th, 2015, 11:18 pm


I was inspired as a girl. I always wanted to be just like my mother. She was a fashionista in the 90s. I would never forget her always reading a magazine on her lap, watching tv, and have her mirror in her hand while apply mascara. I loved it. I watched her everyday. She died when I was 19 yrs old. My heart was broken. I've been applying makeup since I was 15 yr old. I was always up on the latest trends. I loved it, I never had my mom teach me, all the yrs of watching her everyday made me learn somehow and I was a natural at it. I am a childcare provider in my home now. I am married with 4 kids. My hubby has been pushing me to do what I love and I love him for it. So, here I am. New to this professional world of makeup!!!

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Elli DeFatima

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