New to the Makeup Academy!

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New to the Makeup Academy!

Unread post by EdenGemmell »

Hey guys I just enrolled yesterday!
My name is Eden and I live in New Zealand! I'm 18 years old and think it will be cool to get in contact with you guys and hopefully become friends with some of you!
It will be cool to hear back from you all and hear what you all love about this course and what not!! this is so exciting!!! xox :D
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Re: New to the Makeup Academy!

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I started a little over a month ago. I'm loving it so far. I have always did my own makeup with no problem, but I was really nervous when I did my B5 assignment on my model. I think that it came out really well, but I will know for sure when I submit my work. I hope to hear about your experiences as you go through the course. :D
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