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No model

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so i'm stuck in unit B for like 1 week because i don't have any available friend to be my model. Is that ok if i ''play'' the model?


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Re: No model

Unread post by Stoffpuppe »

I don't think it is, because you need to practice putting makeup on other people which is tougher then applying it on yourself. They want you to have an idea how it would be when you work in that field. If they did allow you to apply it on yourself, they will indicate that in the assignment description, such as they do later on in unit D assignment 5 i believe. Hope this helps
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Re: No model

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Hi Stephanie,
Try sending an email out to your female friends and offering a coffee Saturday or something to get them to come to you so you can practice. I am often on a university campus and the dorms are full of girls who want to be pampered.
I hope that is helpful.
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Re: No model

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Build your Clientele.........I do Muffins and Makeovers every Saturday morning from 10-12 and On the Go Lunch time Glam from 1-3.......some times I have a huge turn out and sometimes I may have one client but I set that time aside for my business. Just a thought or suggest for models.....
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Re: No model

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If you absolutely cannot find a friend or relative to be your model then let your tutor know of the situation and they should be okay with it. But try hard to find someone first.
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