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Make up

Unread post by EmilyHales »

What is the best make up brand to use?

Also, what is everyone's opinion on Mac make up?
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Re: Make up

Unread post by brittannyx »

Mac is great, they have many different types of foundation and concealers and the lipstick lasts very well. The only thing I guess is how pricey it is.
There are a lot of good brands you can try. Lately I've gotten into Sleek, LA Girl & even Jeffree Star lipstick. Experiment with different brands and see what you like :) goodluck hun!
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Re: Make up

Unread post by TALindsay »

I have always liked MAC as a that I am taking the makeup course, I am even more into learning about the
quality of Brand Name products. Check for discounts there, as a Makeup Artist you can get up to 40% off in Canada!...I am currently
checking with our Cosmetology Association to see if our course/school qualifies. As a licensed Hairstylist, you get 30% off with a Pro Card.

Have you tried Sephora? I love their products....kits are reasonably priced too.

My makeup kit for the Masters Course arrived today....I was very happy with the amount of kit I got-definately a
good start. I am also doing the Airbrush course. It came with the gun, compressor and a sample kit of foundation!
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