Getting started..again?

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Getting started..again?

Unread post by Blondemakeupchick »

Okay everyone, I finally have time to sit down and start my assignment. Its been a whole year since Ive really gotten to put any effort into this! I was working pretty much all the time at a job i hated! I finally started working at Merle Norman which is a makeup store so i'm so excited about learning more about there products and actually having time to do school! My question is how do I get started back, I feel kind of lost. Any suggestions? :)
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Re: Getting started..again?

Unread post by Ashphillips25 »

Hi, I can totally relate. When i first started i was so excited and working on things daily. Now almost a year later i'm not even half way finished because i let other things get in the way. I have a few things that i'm using to keep me on track now.

1. I plan at least 1 hour out of my day to practice and work on assignments. I set reminders and make sure this hour is used for studying only.

2. I asked my family for assistance. I'm a mom and when i get in all my attention is on the household. Now my husband and daughter are on board and they respect my "Mommy Cut Off Time" which is what i refer to as i need a break to study. They also let me try different things on them so i can practice on a real person.

3. I engage with my friends and have them come over on the weekend for brunch and makeup. Most women love makeup so they don't turn down a chance to have it done for free & eat. Use this time to have a model for your assignment. Afterwards they can complete your model feedback form and you have your work completed. It's fun and you get the job done at the same time.

Lastly, Remember why you started this program in the first place. I look at other artist work and i can't wait until mine look as good but i won't reach that point if i don't practice. This will be your career but you can still have fun and enjoy what you do.

I hope this helps. :)
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Re: Getting started..again?

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I need some help with my unit A assignment my Microsoft word will not let me edit or save them please help I am working on my android as my laptop is in the pawn shop I will be getting soon
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