Newbie Needing Kit Advice

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Newbie Needing Kit Advice

Unread post by ChelseaRiley »

Good day everyone,

I am a new student and i am looking for some advice, :)

Which Camera would you say is perfect for starting out ?, :P
I am looking to have all basic foundations but struggling to see which foundations are best to have in my kit can anyone advise?, If you could help me you would be helping a girl out :D :D :D
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Re: Newbie Needing Kit Advice

Unread post by Queen »

You won't really need a camera to be a MUA. if you have a decent phone you'll be alright, just make sure the lighting is good.

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Re: Newbie Needing Kit Advice

Unread post by ceshawk »

Hey Chelsea..
Foundation can be real tricky. What I suggest is have your clients bring their own foundation from home. Some will even ask what you recommend and you can give them your advice. That is what I do because buying foundation is expensive, you want a good brand with good coverage but so with so many skin tones and undertones it is tricky to get a foundation that fits everyone. Hope this helps :) Good luck girl!!
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Re: Newbie Needing Kit Advice

Unread post by MaggieVanDijk »

Hi Chelsea!

I agree, when starting out you can ask your clients to bring their own foundation, however you will probably want to invest the further you go along, and the busier you get. I'd recommend doing a trial of different brands, and doing some research online. It will all depend on your budget and what you're willing to spend on foundations. One of the most economical options is to start off with a foundation pallet, I've heard some people talk about Graftobian but I can't personally attest for the brand since I've never used it. Ben Nye is very affordable, they even have a lighter formula from their usual thick and heavy stage makeup lines. Check out, they carry different brands and it's geared towards makeup professionals to stock their kits.

Good luck!
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