SFX supply question

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SFX supply question

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Hey! I'm new and I'm taking 4 courses and I'm just wondering what extra stuff people would suggest I get for my SFX kit.. I'm not sure they send everything you need to do everything.
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Re: SFX supply question

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I'm also new to the QC academy and also taking the SFX course. Ive been doing self taught FX for about 3 years now but I wanted to learn more about it. The kit that they give us has a a good amount of things that you will need, but they also suggest that you get the QC Kit off of frendsbeauty.com. They have a regular one and a deluxe one. I purchased this as well because you'll never know how much product you need! The kit that they have has some more of the essentials that you will need during the course. And the prices for it differ by how much you want from a product or not!

I hope this helps! :D
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