Where Do you Buy Your Makeup???

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Where Do you Buy Your Makeup???

Unread post by Ritamichele »

Well I'm just starting out and don't have much money, but i would use MAC on my mother and some glosses on myself and my sister, but my mother passed away almost 9 months ago :( so i cant practice on her anymore....But i Love to Buy Palettes!!! off Ebay, Coastal Scents, BH Cosmetics, And i buy some things from Lecosmetiques with the student discount, I get Also like E.L.F. , and NYX i hope when i get the money one day i'll be able to use MAC Products on Most People, Depending on their skin. Where Do YOU get your Makeup from? and do you use palettes? and do you get discounts?
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Re: Where Do you Buy Your Makeup???

Unread post by Lady D »

Hi Rita,
I am sorry to hear about the loss of your mother, my heart goes out to you and your family.
I totally understand where you're coming from regarding the financial aspect in terms of being able to purchase the products that you would prefer to use as I am not always in a position to do so either as there is mortgage, utilities, tuition and other bills that must be paid as well :) However, a lot of the other cosmetics (you listed) are also good and serve the same purpose; many times we just get caught up in the "name brand" of it all. You will see differences in areas such as the variety of colors, the ingredients (100%Vegan, etc.), but I believe if the product is a cheaper brand but allows you to achieve the same goals, why not utilize it?

I use an array of products like Almay, Revlon, L'Oreal, Maybelline, Avon, Mark,NYX (glosses), E.L.F. and recently I just purchased quite a bit of stuff (mostly palettes) from BH Cosmetics, and a couple of MAC products. Typically, my purchases are from retail drug store chains, Ebay and from the products' corresponding websites. Yes, I do use palettes as I like the variety of colors they provide. Through Avon, I have quite a few quads & duos with some gorgeous combinations.

I am getting my list together of other items that I want to utilize in my kit like OCC (lip tars), other NYX items, etc. As far as discounts, I did not receive any from the recent BH Cosmetics purch. (everything I purchased was part of a limited time deal, so pretty cheap), I purchase quite a bit from E.L.F. when they do their specials as well. Many times you can find good deals on stuff on Ebay and Amazon.com. I have requested student discounts from a couple of suppliers and I some more requests that I am working on as well. 8-)

Keep in touch (ldivens.mua@gmail.com) and we can swap ideas, helpful hints, info., etc.

Lady D. :D
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Re: Where Do you Buy Your Makeup???

Unread post by leahmarie »

I have some make up from e.l.f. and I think it is really good! especially on a budget! I've gotten some from i candi cosmetics. you can find them on fb. :D
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Re: Where Do you Buy Your Makeup???

Unread post by MezmerEyez2012 »

I buy a lot of MAC products, I also use NARS, Smashbox, Too Faced, NYX, Ruby Kisses and BH cosmetics. Most of my products are MAC and BH cosmetics. I also use Sigma brushes, Sonia Kashuk, and MAC.
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Re: Where Do you Buy Your Makeup???

Unread post by mariaty »

Hello everybody,

I got a bunch of pallettes and brushes from BH Cosmetics.The reviews are amazing so are the prices and they are pretty pigmented. I don't use a primer on my eyelids and it stay on all day even if I sweat. Did I mention they have great customer service as well? I signed up for their newsletters,so I get the specials right in my inbox. Sometimes it's hard to resist not to buy. For foundation I use Nyxx.

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Re: Where Do you Buy Your Makeup???

Unread post by Ptuoyo »

I buy my products from Kalos Cosmetics. They give a pro discount to us and they have refill pans for my z palette
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Re: Where Do you Buy Your Makeup???

Unread post by manorexico »

This is an older thread but I wanted to jump in here too. I stick to high end products for my kit, with the very rare drugstore or lower end product. If I am going to buy a lower end brand its because its been highly reviewed. I have experimented with A LOT of brands on both ends of the spectrum, and while not all high end brands are awesome certain ones are and its rare for a lower end to perform even close to the high end brands. With the pro discounts you can get its definately worth the extra money. MUFE, MUD, UD, Bobbi Brown (sometimes), NARS, and occasionally MAC are what is in my kit. :)
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