New Student, Optional Assignments

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New Student, Optional Assignments

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Is it necessary to do the optional assignments at the end of Unit A in the Master Makeup Artistry Class? The last one is to find 3 artists local and see what you can offer that they don't, but I live in the biggest city in Texas so there's nothing that I could offer that others can't.
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Re: New Student, Optional Assignments

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Hey there,

You don't have to do the optional assignments but I am sure it costs if you want to go back and do them, and as for the 3 local artists just think of what sets you apart from them even if it is an extra course you are wanting to do at some point that you think will set you apart.

Also if you have any questions there is a Facebook page for QC students it's called QC Makeup Academy - Support & Advice, this may help with getting your questions answered a bit faster if you have not already joined.
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