Assignment A1 (NEED HELP)

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Assignment A1 (NEED HELP)

Unread post by MZ80237 »

hi guys
I need help urgently, does anyone know how I can write my answers in the assignment template? how do I go about writing in answers??

thank you Katie.
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Re: Assignment A1 (NEED HELP)

Unread post by JackiiStarr »

I would also like to know the same thing. I printed mine out and I am writing on it and scanning it in. Maybe that is how we do it?
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Re: Assignment A1 (NEED HELP)

Unread post by lilyxjordanmua »

hey :)

I assume you mean via Adobe? If you are using an apple product you cant use it on your phone or things like that but on computer, if when you get it save it and then open adobe it should lert you clikc on the boxes and write on them? If that doesnt work maybe print and write and scan it back on? x
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Re: Assignment A1 (NEED HELP)

Unread post by CHooge »

I have a Windows computer. I opened up the Assignment, and Immediately started to write my answers into the Assignment. When I was finished I clicked the printer button and saved it as a PDF to my computer in a file folder specifically for my makeup unit assignments. It was easier to do it this way and submit it than anything else. My iPhone wouldn't let me save and submit things.
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Re: Assignment A1 (NEED HELP)

Unread post by Sherrie »

Hey Girls,

I have a windows computer. All I done was saved it as a PDF then opened it in word. Typed all my answers then saved it back into a PDF. As the assignment upload page doesn't support word. :D :D
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