Corona Virus and using Models

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Corona Virus and using Models

Unread post by TamaraC »

Hi all,

I am in lockdown due to corona virus.

Even the current situation here in Australia, I would not be able to use models for my assignments.

Will these still be marked ? can I keep going with my studies as now I have the time to get it finished?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Corona Virus and using Models

Unread post by TonyaJ »

Do you live alone? If you live alone you might just have to do them on yourself. If you have a mom, daughter, sister or roommate maybe they can be the model as long as both of you are not sick, haven't been sick and have none of the symptoms. Sanitize any of your makeup that you plan to use if necessary. Keep your work area clean, wash your hands often and make sure that the client has washed their hands and face.

Work on other assignments that may not require a model other than yourself as well.
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Re: Corona Virus and using Models

Unread post by Gaby84 »

I was just gonna ask the same question, if we were able to just do the assignments using ourselves as models since pretty much were in social distancing!!!!
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Re: Corona Virus and using Models

Unread post by tajriyanm »

I didn't realize there was already a thread about this haha, I'm worried about it too but I guess we just do what we can with the people at home. I don't think they can be too picky about us not having many models considering the world has shut down
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Re: Corona Virus and using Models

Unread post by Ryllan »

I was told when I did my course that working on yourself, while not optimal, was acceptable. Double check with your instructor though...they may have other ideas :) I know my instructor was amazing at getting back to me when I had questions
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Re: Corona Virus and using Models

Unread post by RebaAnne »

I live in Northern Ontario, Canada and there are better restrictions here now. We can have a circle of 10 people. I plan to have some of those people right now as my models as long as they agree. I'm thankful we have the option of doing assignments on ourselves but I look forward to practicing on others too as everyones faces are so different. Plus I can't wait for the social interaction.
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