Submitting Assignments

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Submitting Assignments

Unread post by glamourmakeupbyamanda »

Hello all.

I am brand new and I do not know how to submit my assignments. I have searched this forum but I did not find a direct answer. Can anyone help me?
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Re: Submitting Assignments

Unread post by Artist81 »

Hi there!

The information is in your course guide. It should be within the first few pages. I am also attaching a couple of screenshots from my student dashboard that may be of help to you. :)

Good luck! :)

P.S. I couldn't upload the screenshots due to a server error. Sorry about that! :(
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Re: Submitting Assignments

Unread post by Valdapinet »

Hi Amanda
Go to Online Student Center>Home>(Pick your course)
Then you will see a photo of your course and at the top of the page> Assigments - Unit A - Status in progress - (Click on it)
Then you will open page where you can upload all assigments > Choose File> Upload
And when everything is uploaded at the bottom of page you have button Submit Unit
I hope this answer helps you. :)
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