Business Websites?

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Business Websites?

Unread post by TaillahJH »

Hi guys! I was just wondering if you guys are creating websites or just instagrams? Also how do you start a makeup Instagram and gain followers? Thank you gals!
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Re: Business Websites?

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I have a website for my business and from what I have seen most beauty professionals do. I personally think it makes you look more legit than just having an Instagram.

Hope this helps! :)
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Re: Business Websites?

Unread post by tajriyanm »

Hey girl! I have a makeup instagram going but I've been super busy with life so I haven't done much about growing it yet. But I think being active regularly and following a bunch of makeup accounts, especially local ones, will get you some attention. Just have fun with looks and photos and tell your friends about your account!
I definitely wanna try starting a website sometime in the future so that it's easier for people to find me online. I plan on building a better portfolio so that I have a nice gallery to present on the website when I make it :)
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Re: Business Websites?

Unread post by ScarletJ »

Hi there! Nice to informally meet you. I am already in the industry. Partly. I run a marketing company and part of that is organize and building full film crews to shoot professional promotional videos. I signed up for this course as a way to expand my business. As a professional marketing professional, I can say without a doubt... you need a website if you are going to take this seriously.

I specialize in working with new businesses build a presence online and a website is by far the first tool you should look at marketing wise. If you need any help, let me know!

Best and good luck!
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Re: Business Websites?

Unread post by CitysWife46 »

Hello There I'm Stephanie and I can really use some help in building my website as well.
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Re: Business Websites?

Unread post by CheriS »

I did create a website. It was fairly cheap for the year thru GoDaddy. It makes a good professional place to post your portfolio, price lists and any other info that is specific to you. Most probably wont look for you on Insta. :D
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Re: Business Websites?

Unread post by RebaAnne »

I plan to create a website at some point, for now I am working my social media accounts. There is nothing wrong with doing it that way, however if you want to gain followers the best way is to share as much about your other interests and not just make up/skin care so people find you relateable. If you want examples of how I am doing things you are welcome to follow me via Facebook or Instagram! I am also Volunteer firefighter, health care aide, and make up artist in training with QC! My Instagram can be located as: beauty_inside_and_out1 if you find me on Facebook where I have started an album for my QC studies, It is Rebecca Morrison! I am wearing red lipstick and cannot be missed

Cheers and feel free to reach out if you have any specific questions.
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