On to the next unit question

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On to the next unit question

Unread post by Carlos39 »

I just have a quick question. Once I have completed a unit and submitted all the work, do I have to wait for the unit to be graded in order to move on to the following unit? And if I can, where exactly do I click to find my next unit? I ask because I have finished both units A & B but although the course materials for unit C and onward are visible, the submission list for unit C is no where to be found.

Forgive me if this sounds like a stupid question but I am a bit lost.

THANK YOU in advance :D
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Re: On to the next unit question

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If I'm understanding what you're saying right, once you submit a unit it takes usually a couple of days at most for it to be graded until you can start adding your work to your next unit. Technically you can just look in your course guide to see what needs to be done first in your next unit so you can just get started right away you just won't be able to submit anything yet. I hope this helps!
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