Master Makeup?

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Master Makeup?

Unread post by SylviaVallo »

Hello I just signed up for the master makeup and I was wondering for those of you that have been through it already or are going through it do you do anything with Halloween makeup? I was replying to another post and thought about it since I love how they can make people look so Scary. I know how to do a little but was wondering if they touch base on it at all? Thanks so much!
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Re: Master Makeup?

Unread post by Jenn »

I'm sure that even if they don't go into depth about Halloween makeup, you will still be able to create just about any look when you are finished :) Also- they do have "Fantasy" makeup and "Theatre" makeup! Both of those units will definitely help you with Halloween makeup! :)
Have a great day! Hope to talk to you again, soon! :)
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