Do you find this course helpful?

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Do you find this course helpful?

Unread post by Alicja »

Hi everybody
I just enrolled with Master Make Up Course and am still waiting for my materials to arrive. Meantime, I just wanted opinion from someone who already started or finished this course. Can you please tell me if you find it helpful? Did you learn a lot? Do the videos are more helpful then youtube turorials? How often do you practice?
If anyone could answer my questions I would appreciate it. I am very anxious to start learning, but I am concerned that the online course will not be enough for me.
Thank you
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Re: Do you find this course helpful?

Unread post by StephVlandys »

Hey There

I have recently started and have found it helpful so far but I have not learned a great deal I didn't already know about make up application. The DVDs are very very basic but it is great for beginners. The YouTube tutorials are much, much, much better and go into more detail.
But I found the business side of the course much more helpful and informative as I plan on building my own business so that was positive.I just found the make up application techniques were at a basic level. This may be good for some people though. It may get more complex as I move more into the course

The products they send to you are lovely and of a high quality. The books they send are also very informative and are great because you can constantly refer back to them. The only thing I didn't like was the DVD tutorials.

As far as practicing goes, I think practice as much as you possibly can, even on yourself :)

I hope you found this helpful

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Re: Do you find this course helpful?

Unread post by Morena »

I just started last night, about to start my 3rd assignment, So far it isn't too bad. I'm sure the process becomes more complex. I like to jump ahead to see what's there and we get some book/magazine with good helpful tips. I'm already pretty good at makeup but it teaches you technical stuff and color collaborations for best results ect ect and you learn about all different skin tones, not just your own. First thing teaches you about being a makeup artist,the industry, the difficulties, the possibilities. Then they cover a few different looks just to help you know the basic differences, like bridal and business look are pretty similar but I thought bridal would be more. Things like that, I can't wait to get more in depths. Feel free to add me on facebook! :)
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