Skin issues

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Skin issues

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Does anyone know how I would apply makeup to someone who has combination skin ( dry and oily) . I did a mock trial on my sister and her skin is peeling. I used liquid foundaton, and it showed every part of her skin that was peeling. Help pls.
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Re: Skin issues

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I have found that having a discussion or consultation about the skin type you are dealing with is extremely important. Skin care is important: you must know if your client has cleansed, toned and moisturized. And you can explain the importance of using the right products for dry, combination, oily or normal skin types. Also, you can do some research on the different foundation formulas because some are good for dry skin, combination, etc. For instance, you can consider your skin. I use a soufflé makeup because it is oil and fragrance free, and is lightweight. I am very oily in my t-zone so the products I use to cleanse & moisturize cannot have oil in them. Finally, priming the skin for makeup is good too. Assignment B really helped me to realize that talking to clients about their skin is important and makes make up application easier and contributes to a successful look!
I hope this helps. :D
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