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In styling it is one thing to be trendy, and another to jump from trend to trend. Lately everyone has grativated to this cultural approach with the dashikis. While very cute i think it is important as stylists and future stylists to step in with our clients and differentiate between being trendy and buying based off trends. Thoughts? Surely Im not the only one!
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I totally agree every trend isn't for everyone, especially if it isn't your personal style! I think it's a great idea to take a trendy piece and make it your own by working it into your personal style. I feel like I'm a trendy person but there are just some trends that I can't see myself wearing! You should never feel force by the fashion world or the media to determine what you should or should not wear. Embrace only the trends that you know you can rock! Thanks for your post, something great to think about :)
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