Has anyone done Unit 2 yet?

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Has anyone done Unit 2 yet?

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Hi everyone!

I hope your studies are going well!
I just completed my Master Makeup course and have now starting my fashion styling.
I started last night and just got my marks back for my first Unit so now I am on Unit 2 :)
I am stuck on one of the questions and was wondering if anyone could help me?

14. Meeting someone is person is outdated. Sending an e-mail introducing yourself is just as good as going up and shaking someone’s hand

Is this true or false? :( :?: :?:
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Re: Has anyone done Unit 2 yet?

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Hey there!

Congrats on finishing your makeup course! I really want to sign up for that when I'm finished with the styling course :D

For 14., I believe the answer is FALSE - it's absolutely better to meet in person. I find sometimes speaking through email, we might not come across exactly as we would in person. - Hope that helps!

Taje :D
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