Unit C assignments

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Unit C assignments

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Has anyone ever have a situation where they don't have a place to groom and have to get supplies (i.e grooming table, grooming space) that you need for a specific assignment? I have very limited resources and there's a possibility that I have to buy everything that I need like a tub, grooming table and many other things since we don't have a groomer in town (I live in Nunavut and there are no groomers who provide services like grooming).

Does anyone know a good place to buy equipment besides the resources links that the course provided and with reasonable prices?

Joy :)
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Re: Unit C assignments

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I'm sure you are not the only person that has encountered this.. like me, but other than the tools that QC has given us with the course, Ive had to be very creative with my equipment and space. Like Patty said in one of the videos we cant' all START with the "best of the Best" so I'm having to use what I have and make it work. I think the good people at QC understand our struggles when we start off.. That's why they have this course. So hang tough.. think out of the box.. your kitchen table may have to be your grooming table temporarily, just make it safe! We're gonna make it, We come this far right??!! Good Luck!

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Re: Unit C assignments

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If there are no groomers in your area- I would look into local shelters (or even doggy daycares/kennels if there are any around) and see if they would maybe let you use or rent a space. Most animal facilities should have at least a basic bath set up and may be willing to let you use it. As far as tables- I wouldn't buy an actual grooming table yet, those can set you back hundreds- you can get just a decent arm for about $30 and improvise the table...
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