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Question for anyone in this section.

"Step 3: Select three accessories from the lists above that you feel work particularly well together. These items may share
characteristics such as a theme or color, or they may create a nice contrast. You will use these three items to create an
accessory arrangement.
Select a shelf, side table, coffee table, mantel or display cabinet to display your accessories. Arrange your accessories and
take a photograph of the final arrangement. Upload the picture to your computer and save it as C6Accessories."

I just used my coffee table accessories, is that ok, or are they wanting a piece from each area of the room and regrouped?

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Re: C6

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Hi, I interpreted it as taking three accessories from different areas in the room and grouping them together.
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Re: C6

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So what do you do when your "personal" style is minimal? I dont have accessories or any sort of trinkets.
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