Breaking the Ice

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Breaking the Ice

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Hi everyone!

I have been pondering how everyone else here begun their venture into event planning and wondered if anyone would like to share their story?

What field were you working in prior to events, what was your inspiration, and if you do not already work/ have your own business what do you do to obtain experience?

Background on myself is that I have been working in finance and wealth accumulation for the past 4 years, and prior to that was in fitness and hospitality.
I have always been heavily involved in fundraising for charities and sporting groups and found that organising events for my football team was always something I really enjoyed.
As far as inspiration goes, it was moreso a wake up call when I was involved in my best friends wedding, and the event planner she had hired had overlooked quite a few serious issues, and my friends big day was somewhat marred by the resulting "catastrophe". Upon a bit more research, I found that there are only one or two event planners in my area and surrounding suburbs and figured that my passion, creativity and experience in events could really make this my calling. As it so happened I have since left my job to pursue a career in event planning, and thoroughly enjoy every minute of studying with QC!

I look forward to hearing from you all :D
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