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I'm from Spain but living in Los Angeles,CA. I finished my united A last Sunday and still don't have any contact from my tutor or my review assignments. Also i sent a message to the school,because my first language is spanish and sometimes is really hard to me understand some exercises, my husband who is american help me a lot before sent the assignments with proper english . however the school didn't answer me with the contact of my tutor... I'm just so scared about my assignments and my tutor don't know about my little problem with English. SCARED in have bad note in my assignments. what i should do? i don't have any contact from the tutor, i don't know his email and nothing.. !
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You can try phoning the School? Or your husband could on your behalf if that's easier for you.

Your tutor should reply within 7-10 days (unfortunately it has taken a bit longer sometimes!)
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