Business Owners in QC School

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Business Owners in QC School

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Hi All!

My name is Carina and I just received my login credentials yesterday to start on my certificate for the event/wedding planning course. I started my business in the fall of 2013. Although I have learn a lot in the past year or so, I know that there is still more to learn. I have a background in event planning working a number of large scale events.

I was a little disappointed when I seen the content of the units. Not that they're not good, but it really does cover the basics in my opinion and it is information that can be learned on the job. Are there any other current business owners taking the course? I'm debating between saving the money since I already know 90% of this, or spending the money just to get the certification and gain another credential? I'm paying monthly so 1,200 is alot of money to spend when you feel that it may not be worth it, but I think my clients will appreciate the extra certification in addition to my bachelor's degree I already have.

Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Re: Business Owners in QC School

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Hi there

I'm currently in the process of getting my business together. (I'm in Australia)

I enrolled in this course over 2 years, had a massive break and now after picking it back up, I'm just a few questions away from completing it.

Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed this course but you're right, it is very basic. If you've already got your bachelor's degree, I would probably save yourself the money. This would be more the type of thing you'd do as a stepping stone to get to where you already are. In saying that, it is an enjoyable course and it's a fun, simple way to refresh your mind and get inspired and creative.

So it really comes down to your desire to do it, or the practicality of it.

Either way, all the best with everything! Maybe look at doing the Event Décor course through QC? It's shorter, cheaper and might give you a bit more knowledge in the decorating department so you can explore that component of event managing?

Kahli :)
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